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Michael Sternschein, M.D., PA, FACS -  - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Michael Sternschein, M.D., PA, FACS

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon located in Ridgewood, NJ

BOTOX® and dermal fillers offer a quick and effective way to reduce the signs of aging and look refreshed and brighter. Cosmetic specialist Dr. Michael Sternschein offers injections of these anti-aging products at his practice in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Take advantage of his impeccable credentials, artistic skill, and over 30 years of experience using BOTOX and fillers by booking an appointment online or calling the office today.

Botox & Fillers Q & A

What types of issues can BOTOX treat?

BOTOX reduces forehead lines, vertical frown lines, and crow’s feet. The resulting look makes you appear younger, fresher, and happier.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are typically made of hyaluronic acid, a compound that is already found in your skin. Fillers can naturally add volume to your face in areas where you need it the most. These “biologic” fillers are very safe and you can always reverse their effects.

Fillers smooth out wrinkles, fill in sunken areas, sculpt your lips, shape facial contours, and give youthful volume to your face. Dr. Sternschein uses Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm®, Belotero®, and Radiesse to achieve these results.

The type of filler he chooses will depend on your specific goals and facial features.

What areas are fillers effective in treating?

Dr. Sternschein commonly treats nasolabial folds --  the area from the base of your nose to the edge of your mouth. Other areas that benefit from the application of dermal fillers include:

  • Corners of the mouth
  • Lip lines
  • Frown lines
  • Cheeks
  • Under the eyes

How long do the effects of BOTOX and fillers last?

The effects of BOTOX can last between three and six months. Fillers can last for up to 12 months, depending on the area treated the type of filler used. Dr. Sternschein can put you on a schedule for retreatments so you never lose the benefits provided by these injectable products.

Are filler and BOTOX injections painful?

Dr. Sternschein routinely uses ice-cold air and a blunt needle technique to minimize discomfort. These are injections, so you will feel small pinches during the procedure. Most people tolerate the treatments well, and the process usually takes about 15 minutes. If you’re particularly concerned about discomfort, talk to Dr. Sternschein about light topical anesthetic prior to treatment.

When are results visible?

The full wrinkle-reducing results of BOTOX takes between three and seven days to appear. The effects of dermal fillers are visible immediately. You’ll be amazed at the improvements these quick and simple procedures can make for your appearance.

Why do I see people who look un-natural?

Some people look for “bargains” and have these treatments done by poorly trained, inexperienced, non-plastic surgeons, with no cosmetic skill, who may even be injecting inappropriate materials. This is a prescription for problems and poor results. Although a small amount of lifting is possible, trying to achieve significant lifting with fillers alone is not possible and can lead to severe unnatural distortions.

Dr. Sternschein will make sure you get maximum improvement and a NATURAL result after your treatment.  He is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with over 30 years experience. He has impeccable credentials and amazing artistic skill and judgement. Dr. Sternschein does all injections himself.

Call Dr. Sternschein or book an appointment online to learn more about BOTOX and dermal fillers. Take the first step to a younger and more rejuvenated look today.