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We hope you are all healthy and are following the CDC guidelines for your protection. Please stay well and be safe.

You may not have considered skin care in the past for various reasons, but this is a perfect time to start or upgrade a skin care program.  With a small amount of effort and a little bit of time, you can see great results. I believe "Obagi" has the best skin care products available today. They incorporate the latest scientific knowledge with the highest quality ingredients.  And now these products can be ordered remotely and delivered to your doorstep.



  1. Determine your skin type and skin concerns from the “skinclusion” section of the Obagi Products Catalog below or by scheduling a virtual appointment with Dr. Sternschein.
  2. Dr. Sternschein, or our office staff will help determine what products are best for you.
  3. Choose your products from the catalog.
  4. Call our office at 201-444-1188, or email us at dawn@plasticsurgeryms.com to place your order. An order form is included at the end of the catalog.
  5. Your products should arrive in 2-3 days.


Start your new skin care program!





    During this difficult time, while you are at home, do something positive for your skin. Introducing……..

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