Breast Enlargement - How to choose a size

For most women considering breast enlargement, maintaining a natural look is crucial.  To achieve a natural look, choosing the right size is essential.  Breasts that are in balance and in proportion to your body frame will look the best.  If you use an implant that is too large, everyone will know “you weren’t born with those”.  I will generally give you an upper limit for an implant size that will assure that your new breasts are in balance with their fame and body dimensions.   Once you know your  the upper limit, it will be up to you to decide on any size up to that limit.  Of course, I will give you help and let you know if there are any technical concerns with a particular size.

Over the years, I have found that discussing bra cup size is not an accurate way to describe size.  Most women know a “C-cup” can be different from one bra style to another.  In my office, I use gel implant sizers placed in a special bra so you can “try on different sizes” and show me what you like. I frequently have to remind patients to look at their whole body when choosing a size, not just at their chest.  If you do this, you will see the great improvement larger breasts can make in your curves and your total body proportions.  Many patients say, “wow, I look thinner”. I recommend that you try on our “sizing” implants with different types of clothing- a bathing suit, a tight sweater or blouse, a dress, or an evening gown.  You are welcome to take as much time as necessary to make your decision about size.  I do use measurements of the body as a rough guide to implant size.  But using only measurements assumes there is a “perfect” size for each patient.  I don’t believe this.  Within the limits that are still in proportion, patients will pick different sizes depending on their preferences. I want to make you happy and more comfortable with the way you look, not to satisfy some artificial standard.  My goal is to give you natural, beautiful breasts.



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