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Get the Best Results from Fillers and Botox!

When done appropriately by skilled, board certified, artistically trained doctors, fillers and Botox® administered in the office are simple, safe,  10-15 minute treatments that can significantly refresh and rejuvenate the face. But be careful!  Due to a high demand, all sorts of people are trying to become providers and suppliers.  The Botox/filler market is a jungle with many dangers and traps.  Even these simple non-surgical treatments can result in disasters when done by inappropriate and unscrupulous people.

When you are considering filler and/or Botox treatment, cost should NOT be your first priority.  Your main concerns should be SAFETY and QUALITY.  The doctor administering these treatments DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   I could teach anyone to poke a needle through the skin and inject some material.  Obviously there is a lot more to this then just the actual injection.  Some of the major concerns are: when not to inject; what to inject; where to inject; how much to inject; what these injectables can do and what they can’t do; how to maintain a natural look; better options to achieve the best results; and how to avoid complications, just to mention a few.  An injector with an artistic eye and knowledge of facial aesthetics and anatomy is essential. Stay away from untrained, unlicensed, non-medical people.  If you want the best result with the least risk, look for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to administer your fillers and Botox.  Many other types of doctors, dentists and nurses may offer fillers and/or Botox in their office even though these treatments are out of their usual area of expertise. Technically this may be allowed, but their ability, training and artistic skill will vary greatly and may be severely lacking.  In my opinion, medical personnel should stick to their own area of expertise and training.  I wouldn’t want a Cardiologist or dentist injecting my face with fillers or Botox.

Recently, we had a patient call our office stating that she could get Botox somewhere else for $85.00.  That is significantly below the “wholesale” cost of legitimate Botox.  We have all heard of Botox and filler “parties” with very low cost.  A red light should flash before your eyes when you hear of these situations or “offers”.  Usually you get what you pay for.  In addition to obvious issues like sterile technique and appropriate sterile equipment for the injection, make sure you are getting genuine, FDA approved, USA made, current products.  There are cut rate products out there that may be out dated or may contain diluted material, just water, or worse- something toxic.  Always ask for the name of the material you are getting.  You can even request to see the box/bottle.   Ask how many units (for Botox) and/or what volume (for fillers) is being used.  If you only go to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists you should be safe, but it is always important to be careful and informed.  If something sounds too good to be true – it probably isn’t!

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