Amazing breakthrough technology - Sculpture for fat reduction

I have been waiting for this technology for years.  Sculpsure can reduce fat with a simple short, non-surgical, comfortable office treatment.  There is no surgery, no need for anesthesia, no incision.  Sculpsure uses laser technology to program fat cells to self destruct over a period of time.  Paddles the size of an iPhone are applied to the problem area(s).  They are held on by a belt.  There is no suction. During the Sculpsure treatment patients feel a slight alternating warming and cooling.  There is minimal to no discomfort.  Typically in 25 minutes the procedure is finished.  There is no downtime.  You can immediately resume your normal activities- even go right to the gym if you want.  You could actually do Sculpsure on your lunch hour. The results are apparent over a period of time (usually  6-12 weeks).  Indivdual results may vary from one person to another. The most common areas treated are the love handles (flanks) and the abdomen.  Other areas can be treated.  For even better results Sculpsure can be done 2-3 times.  Although many people will benefit from Sculpsure, it is not for everyone.  For instance, a person who has significant loose, hanging skin may be better off with a tummy tuck.  The way to be sure about what is best for you is to schedule a consultation.   I would suggest consulting with a plastic surgeon who can discuss all options- surgical and non-surgical.   We are one of the first offices in Northern New Jersey to have the Sculpsure machine.  We are doing treatments right now.   I anticipate that the demand for Sculpsure will be quite large.

Sculpsure is made by Cynosure Inc. Cynosure is one of the largest laser companies in the world.  Sculpsure is FDA approved to treat flanks and the abdomen.   Other areas can be treated under "off label" rules.  (Do not confuse Sculpsure with coolsculpt.  Coolsculpt is an older technology that has many disadvantages.)

Disclaimer: * Individual Results May Vary

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